File/CGI web server on Warp

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  • Installation
  • Configration
  • Operation
  • Installation

    Mighttpd2 is registered in Hackage. So, you can install Mighttpd2 with the cabal command.

    Updating the index of Hackage

    You should download the updated index of Hackage.

    % cabal update

    Note that cabal uses the http_proxy environment variable.

    Installing Mighttpd2

    The following command installs mighttpd2 with HTTP, CGI, Reverse Proxy and URL rewriting enabled.

    % cabal install mighttpd2

    Note that the -jN option enables parallel installation to save time.

    Here is a lift of installation flags:

    To use them, type:

    % cabal install --flags="tls" --flags="quic" --flags="dhall" mighttpd2

    Files installed

    Now you can find the followings:

    If you use Mac, please check ~/Library/Haskell.